PV activity picks up again.

Demand is picking up again as the FIT tariff is about to drop on PV
installations. The requirement to achieve a D rating on an EPC to claim FITs has certainly been good for business, but is it excluding properties that would most benefit from a PV installation?

Want FITs: Get a D

April 1st will soon be upon us and anyone wanting to claim FITs for a new PV installation will need to achieve a D rating on an EPC on that dwelling. Many PV suppliers are now looking at the best way of offering this as part of their service, and Nationwide Energy Surveys are always willing to help.

FITs saga continues.

The saga over the FIT scheme tariffs rumbles on. The planned reduction was brought forward by the Govt. but this was ruled illegal by the high court, and now the Govt. have lost their appeal. It seems the changes won’t happen any earlier than originally planned so DECC wasted taxes on legal costs.